Our Pump’n’Jump program delivers vibrant experiences to entire classrooms of students. These experiences activate students minds and bodies while delivering required PDHPE & Creative Arts curriculum. Drum Corp is most suited to classrooms from Year 3- Year 8.

This distinct cross-curricular content was designed by experts to engage students in their learning…. in a most spirited and adventurous way. It’s easy to use, ridiculously fun, and economical.

At $250 per Teacher per year for Drum Corps’ exclusive classroom content, this is The Ultimate Teaching Resource for PDHPE & Creative Arts.

Our Pump ’n’ Jump and Brain Break sessions are between 5 and 20 minutes long, depending on what segment is in use. All lessons can be done in the classroom, in the hall, or somewhere in between, and with a variety of materials from around the school. Lessons are on-demand and can be done at any time.

Educators are supplied with a 15-minute Introductory Course. This short course, paired with the “Quick-Start Guide” teaches everything you need to know to confidently press ‘Play’ with your class. This is made available in the Free Trial and after purchase.

Teachers are also provided with Learning Goals for each lesson, Learning Outcomes Guides, and Curriculum Links.

There’s 2 main segments to this resource:


  • 15 lessons, 20 minutes each
  • lessons fuse rhythm, fitness, movement, and music
  • leads to students knowing a 3-minute routine
  • Beginners version and Intermediate version of each lesson
  • lessons should be repeated at least 1x before moving on


  • 5 minute rhythmical breaks
  • activates minds in the middle of the school day
  • students can be seated or standing
  • a fun, 5-minute re-focus activity


Pump ’n’ Jump sessions require the use of 1 drum and 1 pair of sticks per student.

To serve as a drum, students can use their desk, a chair, a bucket, or anything else you think up! To serve as a pair of sticks, students can use rolled-up paper or cardboard taped on both ends, plastic pipes, sticks, or anything else you think up!

Below is our full range of lessons. To try these lessons with your class, sign up for the Free Trial. All lesson content is made available after purchase.

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